Focus on your clients and see your practice grow. Let us handle the business stuff.

If You’re A Veterinarian or Dentist Who Wants To…

Start or acquire the right practice and avoid costly mistakes.
Have a qualified expert perform buyer due-diligence on a prospective practice.
“Upgrade” from a local CPA to a national firm to help your growing practice.
Get help with the business and financials (taxes, profit-sharing) of your practice…

If that’s you, you’re in the right spot.

McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC is a veterinary and dental practice accounting firm.

In plain English, our mission is to manage the business of your practice. We maximize every dollar on your behalf so you can focus on what matters most.

And we are by your side during the entire life-cycle of your practice.

Through the excitement of graduating college and starting your first practice. To experiencing the day-to-day rush as your practice grows, or deciding it’s time to sell and start the next chapter…we take care of the business of your practice, so you can focus on what matters most.

See how we can help you start, acquire, manage, or transition your veterinary or dental practice.

About Mark J. McGaunn, CPA/PFS, CFP®

Mark plays a special role in the lives of his clients. Known as “the bow-tie guy”, he has consulted veterinarians and dentists nationally for more than 30 years, and been featured in magazines, conferences, and live events around the world.

Even though he is considered the go-to expert in his field, it’s the relationship-based approach and commitment to “roll up his sleeves” for his clients that makes him unique.

There’s a “let’s get through tax season together” comradery that goes on, and you can see Mark’s dining table smothered in flowers and “thank you” gifts from his clients when April 15 comes around.

Not what you’d expect from a guy who served as head of Financial Operations for a 40 million dollar per year healthcare agency, eh?

Mark enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, swimming, and is a big fan of the Crimson Tide college football team. He is also the proud papa of a Golden Retriever “Bama” and a Newfoundland named “Honey”.

Currently taking drum lessons every week, Mark recently rekindled his passion for music, joining a band of people who appreciate 80’s rock and roll.

In the evening you can find Mark in his garage practicing Van Halen’s difficult piece “Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do” and cursing very loudly.

What Our Clients Say

“From the beginning Mark McGaunn has been part of the process. He helped us organize all of our bills, bank accounts, credit cards, and invoices into the same place so there was no frantic searching when an employee (or a husband) asks a question. When no one else seemed to know the answer or have any interest in helping he somehow came through with a website or a number to call. He knows all the right people for payroll and phone systems and I can honestly say he saved me well over $5,000 when it came to choosing a phone company!”

Jennifer A. Johnson


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