McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC is registered and regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Securities Division. The Securities Division requires that all clients and potential clients of a Registered Investment Advisory firm have access, upon request, to a copy of Form ADV Part II and Schedule F which outline important information about McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC, business methods, fees, professional qualifications and all other pertinent business information.


McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC Form ADV Part II can be downloaded, viewed and/or printed online by clicking the Adobe Acrobat file link below:

This document can be viewed online at the following website:

Please enter “McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC” as the firm name under the firm name in the search field or enter “130294” in the firm IARD/CRD number field.

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