Mark McGaunn of McGaunn & Schwadron, CPA’s, LLC in Needham, MA will be giving a lecture at the Yankee Dental Congress, to be held in Boston at the Convention and Exhibition Center.
McGaunn & Schwadron Lecture
With a myriad of practice management issues to be aware of, dental practice owners need a one-stop shopping experience to cover new rules governing the finances of their practice. This fast-moving presentation will cover a wide variety of topics allowing attendees to have cutting-edge financial strategies in their financial toolbox. This course will discuss pension plan design, provide guidance on financial planning strategies, elaborate on what legal entities to choose and those to avoid. Attendees will learn how the new 2013 tax changes affect them and their practice.
Learning Objectives:
›› Discover how effective and efficient your current pension plan really is
›› Understand the consequences of choosing your legal entity
›› Identify 2013 tax changes and how to maximize benefits
›› Avoid common financial planning problems encountered by dentists

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