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Who We Serve

New, Current, Soon-to-Be, or Experienced Veterinary And Dental Practice Owners (And More)


See how we can serve your veterinary practice.


See how we can serve your dental practice.

What We Do

From Buying, Selling, Managing and More, We Are With You Through The Entire Life-Cycle Of Your Practice

Maximize every dollar and rest easy knowing the business of your practice is in good hands.


How We Help You Start A New Practice Right

The stakes are high when starting a new practice.

Let us guide you in the legal and financial parts of your business. 

So you can rest easing knowing you are starting right.

We also have two Certified Financial Planners® on staff. To guide and help you make smart money decisions about your practice.


Let Us Find The Right Practice For You

Going through an acquisition deal probably isn’t your idea of fun.

That’s why we take care of all the necessary due-diligence for you.

Let us negotiate the terms, look at the books, and even help with closing.

No two practices are alike. We make sure you acquire the right one for YOU.

Want Help Starting Or Finding A Practice?

See how can handle the due diligence, negotiate the terms, examine the books, help with closing, and more. Contact us today.


How We Help Your Practice Grow

Like every practice is different, so is every practice owner. 

Let us help you plan your long term growth strategy.

You’ll get a custom-tailored growth strategy.

Maximize every dollar in your practice to grow your net worth.


We Make Managing Your Practice Easier

Let us handle taxes and minimize your expenses.

“Pull back the curtain” on revenue and profit opportunities.

We also have a full suite of tools at your disposal.

Instead of hunting through the paperwork, everything you need is at your fingertips. Can I get an “amen?”

Sell Or Transition

Help Facilitate The Purchase Or Sale

Facilitate the sale so the transition is easier.

Negotiate the terms and valuation so you get what you’re entitled to after years of hard work.

Get an “inside” track on what the other side is thinking and doing because of our large network.

In A Nutshell…

We’re a d*mn good CPA firm. But what really gets us out of bed in the morning, is guiding practice owners to achieve the results they want.

When big corporations use long legal documents to confuse and cheat practice owners, our legal team (who we have hand-selected) will examine those documents line by line to ensure you’re getting the best deal. The work we do together will serve you years down the road.

Contact McGaunn & Schwadron

Have questions? We have answers. Visit our Contact page to send us a message

How We Do It

Everything important at your fingertips.

When we join your team, we give you access to best in class software.

It’s blazingly fast. And so easy you’ll find excuses to use it.

Plus, as a 100% internet-based business, we practice what we preach. That means we can serve you from anywhere. So you never have to wait or worry.

Practice ownership is easier with a business-savvy, fully-remote, bow-tie wearing CPA in your “pocket” 😉

Armed with the tools and guidance, you’ll be light years ahead of other practice owners.

Our Suite of Services for Vet and Dental Practices:


Choice of Entity, Ownership Structuring and Incorporation/Formation Services


Dental Partnership and Limited Liability Company Agreements


Dental Practice Management Agreements


Associate Agreements




Associate and Non-doctor Buy-ins


Buyer Due-Diligence


Tax Preparation and Minimization


Sales and Acquisitions


Leases and Space Sharing Arrangements


Buy/Sell Agreements


Practice Succession Planning


Practice Management Consulting


Strategic Planning


And More

Yeah, we do a lot. And we custom-tailor our services to your unique needs and situation. Have questions? We have answers. Visit our Contact page to send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.

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