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Wachusett Animal Rescue and Pet Retreat

“We received more guidance and advice the year after we met Mark than the previous 3. Mark isn’t just an amazing source for veterinary specific financial information; we can always turn to him for our business needs and referrals.

Never did we see or hear about the benefits of a Cost Segregation Analysis during the hospital design conferences we attended or hundreds of veterinary publications we’ve read until we met Mark; his level of knowledge is unsurpassed! Mark has gone out of his way and exceeded our expectations for both our practice and personal finances. We are ecstatic with the personable relationship we have with Mark; our only regret is we didn’t meet him sooner!”

Katherine Ransom


Uxbridge Animal Hospital

“My name is Jenn Johnson and I am a veterinarian practicing in southeastern Massachusetts. Although I have been a practicing veterinarian for the past 16 years I only recently became a small business owner.

Before I started on this adventure with my very supportive husband, David, I had no idea what it would involve. There are forms to fill out, decisions to make about payroll, equipment, bank accounts, prices, software. I could go on and on for pages. There are state and federal government agencies that must be contacted and with whom I needed to register. I needed to keep track of purchases and bills and…again I could continue for pages.

From the beginning Mark McGaunn has been part of the process. He helped us organize all of our bills, bank accounts, credit cards, and invoices into the same place so there was no frantic searching when an employee (or a husband) asks a question. When no one else seemed to know the answer or have any interest in helping he somehow came through with a website or a number to call. He knows all the right people for payroll and phone systems and I can honestly say he saved me well over $5,000 when it came to choosing a phone company!

Because Mark also runs his own business he is well aware of the pitfalls. Finally, I was extremely resistant to social media, Facebook in particular, but Mark convinced me it is a great way to get in touch with clients old and new. Once I started using Facebook, people I had met from all stages of life have been interested in my new business and getting back in touch with me. I can’t thank Mark enough for this valuable piece of advice and I would highly recommend him as an accountant!”

Jennifer A. Johnson


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