Veterinary Services

Your CPA should do more for you than bookkeeping and taxes.

We believe a veterinary CPA should do more than bookkeeping and taxes.

They should be your advocate.

You work hard. You deserve someone who will roll up their sleeves, and help your practice become more successful and more profitable.

That’s why we take a pro-active role as your CPA. Contact us today.

ALL The Benefits Of A Savvy CPA (And THEN SOME)

We are actively involved with practice owners and help them make the best decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

We don’t just talk to you once per year to file taxes.

We are actively involved in making your practice more profitable. Because our most successful clients are the ones who contact us regularly. 

When we join your team, we roll up our sleeves 

Peace Of Mind

When you receive expert financial guidance and advice you worry less about money.

Implement Your Vision

We look at how your practice is structured, where you want to go, and guide you on the best way to get there.

Guidance And Experience

An outside set of eyes and ears to help you make the smartest decisions.

Growth Strategy

A growth plan with goals that are clear and actionable.

Let us take the Accounting, Bookkeeping, and “Uncle Sam” off your plate

With year-end accounting and ongoing bookkeeping, every dollar is accounted for. When it comes to taxes, you have options. We develop strategies to reduce your tax burden and find legal opportunities to only pay what you owe.

Ongoing Communication and Guidance

We tell our clients, “If talking to us once a year is your expectation, that’s not how we roll.”

We want to stay in touch so we’re on the same page, all questions are crystal clear, and we roll out the best strategies to grow your practice.

We use email to send info, but we don’t use it as a communication tool. We are there for you anytime during business hours by phone. Simply make an appointment.

Unlike most CPAs, we also group conference (phone or Zoom) with practice managers, other stakeholders, and practice advisors (like financial planners and attorneys). Everyone follows the same game plan and you have a united team taking decisive action in the service of your practice.


Elevate Your Practice Today

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your professional life, and deserve to be confident that the next step will be the right one.

Ongoing Services…

Have a question? Contact us today.

Bi-Annual Tax Planning Meetings

(August & November)

Bi-annual review meetings allow us to make sure you are maximizing the best tax-saving strategies throughout the year.

Retirement & 401(k) Planning

Initial deep-dive into retirement plan needs, creation, restructuring, and most advantageous tax and savings benefits.

Financial Planning

A risk-managed plan to achieve financial goals and advantageous tax saving benefits.

Profit Solver Discount Program

Evidence-based analysis of pricing, costs, and overhead to drive up profitability.

IT Support

Need help with our online portal?

Your questions will be answered promptly and always by a real person.

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your professional life, and deserve to be confident that the next step will be the right one.

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